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Tiara Ayu Lestari (born in Solo, 10 October 1980) was a model of a woman is career as a model both in the country and abroad. It was also normal disapa Amara. He 'scandalize' about Indonesia in August 2005 when he heard news that pose naked in some foreign magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse.

Since small Tiara has mennyuaki modeling world. In 1998, the eldest of three brothers to be selected is one of the finalists Cover Girl Aneka Yess!. Six years later, with a determination to reach international fame, Tiara went to Singapore. There, he joined the Singapore Team Models Agency. There is also, he was acquainted with Adam Yurman, a photographer of origin United States was taking a break with the model section. Together with Adam, Tiara start to develop wings and successfully appear twice in the men's magazine, Penthouse publication Thailand and the Netherlands. Tiara also appear in a local magazine cover, Male Emporium edition December 2004. A year later he dinobatkan as the sexiest woman and the sensual version ME (Male Emporium) in 2005.

In 2005, Tiara scandalize heard the news about Indonesia pose for Playboy magazine cover (Spain) in August 2005 edition. Tiara early 2006 to return to Indonesia and leave a treat for the international career disappointment over the mother pose.

In February 2006, the Tiara exhibition of photographs titled sensual elegance to the paper Ayang Kalake. Tiara also pull votes world. This time as evidence that Tiara has opened a new sheet. Tiara Baron invited by the former guitarist for the band Gigi involved in a religious album titled Baron and Shakila featuring 12 artists in a song titled "The Beautiful Night", a theme song with the lyrics or the beautiful evening prayer tahajud. In April 2007, released a book Tiara Tiara Lestari: Uncut Stories: Playboy, Ibunda & caravan.

Tiara married Syarif Andi, a marketing consultant, on 1 April 2006. From their wedding this was a child, Rania Kancana Tadya Dalima Sjarief, who was born on July 20 2007

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Today they often have very stylish covers/patterns and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Hardbound journals also have a nice weight and feel to them and are easy travel companions. Some places where you can find journals include Levengers, Utrecht, Red Envelope and Pearl Paint. I personally prefer to have a number of journals going at once all in different sizes to accommodate different visual ideas.

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Chinese Girls or other asian or Indonesian Girls Honour and respect are two of the most important elements in Asian culture, and they shouldn't be overlooked when it comes to dating. For instance, traditionally, Asian women are taught at a young age to know their place around men, treat them with respect and accommodate them, while men are taught to protect and provide for the women. Although these traditions have become a faded practice in Western culture, respect still plays an important role in the Asian dating scene.

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Davina Veronica Hariadi woman is the birth of Jakarta, 20 October 1978 which has the women's profession as a model and Indonesian women.

First-born child of 2 brothers from Guntur pair Hariadi (father) and Patricia Gontha (mother) was a magazine cover model finalists Anita Cemerlang 1995, and the champion and the third race favorite Cover Girl Mode magazine in 1996. Women's high as 173 cm which is also an Italian fans and it has a student at the Faculty of Communication Public Relations Department, University of Pelita Harapan.

Women's bloody Java-Manado this headline had some ads and video clips of models from Humania, Ahmad Band, Dewa 19, Hedi Yunus band home to the city gudeg Sheila on 7. Davina is a muallaf.

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Intan Erlita (born in Jakarta, November 23, 1980; the age of 28 years; called full Erlita Intan Novianti) is a standard television and a former model from Indonesia.

He started his career as a catwalk model with Arzeti Bilbina-Setyawan in 2000. Then in 2002, he changed direction to become a TV presenter. In mid-2006 event he carries "WWE RAW" on Lativi. Unfortunately this event and then stop running due to controversial issues. In addition to WWE RAW, Intan also appear in the Formula 1 as presenter quiz segment.

In 2007 he returned to appear as presenters quiz segment, this time in the AFC Asian Cup 2007 in GlobalTV. In addition, Intan also appear as a presenter at the football event Lativi.

In 2008 he returned as a presenter on the quiz segment GlobalTV after the F1 event in previous years had disappeared. Intan also appear in the event of a living artist in the show Trans7. Intan claim was nervous the first time present in F1 quiz segment GlobalTV. His, he previously has not been too familiar around the world Formula 1. Formula 1 drivers Intan favorite is Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari red with the team.

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