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Ratu Felisha never separated from the image section. Not only because berpakaiannya style, but because the characters in dimainkannya each patron or feature films dibintanginya.

Name because of his role in the rebound patron 'awesome party just'. Then when the movie first melejit 'Do I Kiss' diprotes many parties because they are considered morally harmful to young people.

After that, the stage was 26 years old back her various film, which is the last anomalouswave 'ML', which also ended with controversy. Bergenre adult film comedy is not considered feasible because of smelly running erotic.

However, it does not mean Feli greeting akrabnya cured beradegan section and the controversial plan in the latest movie, he will play as erotic dancers alias striptease.

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Dewi Persik having the name of Dewi Persik
Murya genuiness ( born in Jember, East Java, 18 December 1985; age 22
year) his a singer of dangdut Indonesia. Putri Couple H. Moch Aidil (
ayah) and Hj. Sri Muna ( this ibu) confess to have the clan Tionghoa
from its grandmother.

News about Dewi Persik perform prohibited at all Tangerang jurisdiction related perda no 8 year 2005 about prostitution with evoke question Syaiful Jamil ex wife. When met at Monday evening event(24/3), with high accentuating Dewi declares that he is not a bitch.

"Even God doesn't prohibit and my job is not a bitch. by the way i will not perform with opened breast in front of Government Official, " shout it.

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