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Dewi Persik having the name of Dewi Persik
Murya genuiness ( born in Jember, East Java, 18 December 1985; age 22
year) his a singer of dangdut Indonesia. Putri Couple H. Moch Aidil (
ayah) and Hj. Sri Muna ( this ibu) confess to have the clan Tionghoa
from its grandmother.

News about Dewi Persik perform prohibited at all Tangerang jurisdiction related perda no 8 year 2005 about prostitution with evoke question Syaiful Jamil ex wife. When met at Monday evening event(24/3), with high accentuating Dewi declares that he is not a bitch.

"Even God doesn't prohibit and my job is not a bitch. by the way i will not perform with opened breast in front of Government Official, " shout it.

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